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The Team Behind the Vision

Welcome to COLLECTIBLE MONEY, where passion intertwines with the captivating world of banknotes from the Middle East. We are devoted to curating an exceptional collection of distinctive and fascinating banknotes from the diverse regions of the Middle East and the World.

Banknotes from the Heart
of the Middle East

At COLLECTIBLE MONEY we work to provide a helping hand to all collectors to complete their collections, because we know how happy it is to have a piece to complete a collection.

As well as cooperating with dealers to provide them with banknotes at the most appropriate prices and high quality

Our team comprises passionate collectors and enthusiasts committed to sharing the spirit of the Middle East through these valuable banknotes.

Authenticity and excellence are our top priorities. Each banknote is diligently sourced, verified, and guaranteed to be genuine banknotes

our story

What Makes Us Special

We offer only high-quality collectibles at competitive prices, and with unbeatable service.

Uniqueness defines our collection. Our store boasts an awesome of banknotes, meticulously sourced and authenticated to ensure their authenticity and quality.

We use fast, affordable worldwide shipping, and take great care to ensure that your banknotes arrive in the same condition as when they were shipped.

Our Commitment to You

We acknowledge the significance of trust and satisfaction in online transactions. Hence, we prioritize customer service and satisfaction above all. From a seamless browsing experience to secure payment and timely delivery, we are committed to ensuring your journey with us is both enriching and reliable.

Meet the passionate individuals who curate, research, and ensure the authenticity of every banknote in our collection. With diverse expertise in numismatics and the nuances of the Middle East, our team is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

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